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BVQ - Business Volume Qualicision
Keep your storage in balance

BVQ  'Business Volume Qualicision' is a monitoring, performance-analysis and reporting solution for storage systems like IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and the IBM Storwize family. By offering modular expansion BVQ can be expanded into a complete accounting and SLA management solution. Other modules allow the integration of VMware storage objects and cluster-wide copy services-areas into the BVQ monitoring.   

The objectives of BVQ are cost reduction, improved reliability and the creation of new added value for the existing storage architecture 

The commercial requirements for a company's IT structure are rising. Data volumes continue to grow at double-digit rates per year. To stem the resulting increase of storage costs, you bet on tiered storage infrastructures are used, which are often supported by automated tiering mechanisms.

Despite the high degree of automation, many questions remain open. The right storage mix has to be found and also the use of the storage levels must be well prepared and monitored. For future extensions, it is necessary to identify the economically and technically optimal storage classes to be extended.

Additionally to questions about optimization of storage costs, other very important topics have to be discussed. For example questions about reliability and performance improvements which need to be resolved very quickly again and again. Especially unexplainable performance bottlenecks often cause unplanned investment which can be avoided.   

The intelligent solution: BVQ

Abb. BVQ Treemap
BVQ is a product developed by SVA to resolve these issues and to create added value. Experiences from a variety of client situations were taken into account during the development of BVQ. This very high practical orientation made BVQ one of the great standards to manage IBM SAN Volume Controllers and the IBM Storwize family.

BVQ Blog

We just released BVQ Version 3.4 with some very strong enhancement. Some of the major highlights are:   Drive statistics for Storwize systems! BVQ 3.4 adds drive statistics below the mdisk layer You now have a detailed look...

With BVQ version 3.4, we will achieve great improvements in the handling of Performance analysis.   BVQ 3.4 makes it easy to do performance analysis. Ideal for people starting with it. BVQ 3.4 speeds up up performance analysis for...

You can now find this page here   The improvements of BVQ 3.3.3 are Loading and drawing processes of the performance view were significantly improved. Long lasting data load processes...

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